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  • Top quality Rock Stars speakers
  • No Call For Papers. Only great talks.
  • Whole 3 days packed with Java technology.
  • Separate rooms for UnConference
  • BOF sessions at the evenings ends allows more informal discussions
  • 3 hours long workshops included in price
  • Ability to join additional trainings at 20% of their regular price ( see plans )
A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.
~ Chinese Proverb ~


  • 3days
  • 42speakers
  • 59sessions
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You about 33rd Degree

11 April 2011

In addition to your comments on twitter with #33degree tag, we will be collecting all blogposts (no censorship). If you wrote one, please send it to kontakt@dworld.pl. We will draw 1 free ticket for 33rd Degree 2012 among all blog posts authors.

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Download abstracts

7 April 2011

It is never too late... If you need abstract of the talks, please download pdf file. If you have problems with WiFi, there is one wired connection in front of Luxoft e-Woman.

Last minute agenda changes

4 April 2011

Unfortunately Chris Aniszczyk is not able to join us at 33rd Degree to talk about Git and Gerrit. Nathaniel Schutta will cover the time with "Going Mobile with jQuery" talk.

Save the world, have fun and win Kindle

1 April 2011

As usual... the world is endangered! That’s why we have asked the most powerful minds... how we can save it... The answer we received: find 4xLevel33 - they are the chosen ones. It's not easy to find Level33CoffeeMasters but...

According to our insightful research you are the one of few who has needed capabilities to achieve Level33! Do you feel that you are the one?

Are you willing to face the challenge? Are you ready to start the CoffeeGame?

First instructions are here.

Win free pass to 33rd Degree or 4Developers

25 March 2011

As part of the cooperation between 33rd Degree and 4Developers conference you can win fre pass to one of the conference. Rules are simple as sending justification why you should get the free pass to kontakt@dworld.pl. We will wait for your email till the end of March 2011.

Preorder paid lunch at the conference venue (by 1st April)

24 March 2011

33rd Degree registration fee doesn't include lunches. However we would like to offer you something at the conference venue. We were able to negotiate lunch prices for conference participants. To make it as smooth as possible 33rd Degree will collect money and you will receive tickets for your lunch during registration. It is optional, and you can organize your lunch on your own, however if having lunch among 400 Java Geeks (including speakers) sounds interesting for you, make sure to order it by 1st April. Lunch is 25 PLN/7 EUR for day (70 PLN/20 EUR for 3 days).

More info and menu you will find using this form.

Free Java EE/Spring training winner.

17 February 2011

And the winner is... Lukasz Czerpak. Have a great 3 days at Java EE and Spring training with JavaPassion.com.

Chris Aniszczyk and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine at 33rd Degree.

17 February 2011

Chris Aniszczyk and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine will join Conference for Java Masters. Come by to chat with them about code reviews and Gerrit, the code review system used by Android and Eclipse. As well as future of Java EE from inside and OSGi apps in Glassfish.

Steve Freeman is joining 33degree!

14 February 2011

Have you ever heard about application running on production for five years without single failure? Ever wondered why and how TDD is driving the design of the applications and is it really possible? It is our pleasure to inform you that Steve Freeman is joining our conference to answer those and many other questions during his talks. Steve is co-author of "Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests" and father of so-called London School of TDD.

Call for Lightnings...

9 February 2011

Do you remember Java Underground on JDD in 2008? It was start of my "creative" approach to knowledge sharing and first time when Polish Java community experienced lightning talks. It was very well received and I would like to give it a second chance during 33rd Degree conference. It is Conference for Java Masters, so I am expecting a lot of proposals coming from you. It is your chance to show up in the crowd of the top Java guys in Poland.

Rules are simple. You have got 5 minutes and nothing more. You need to present your idea in 300 seconds. And yes, it is doable. What is really great about lightning talks is that there is no time for, let's call it, "not important information". Be precise, be funny, be remarkable. That's the golden rule to the best lightning talk.

We are waiting for your proposal till 1st March. Send it to our email account.

Win free 3 days Java EE 6/Spring training.

7 February 2011

Do you want to take part in Java EE and Spring training lead by Sang Shin on 11-13th April 2011? It is as simple as registration for 33rd Degree conference. The only requirement is that you have to do it by 14th February 2011. At least 1 free training will be drawn among all participants.

If you have already registered for conference or training, don't worry. You will also take part in the draw.

Be fast and get your chance to win 799 PLN training for free.

Free 1 year access to JavaPassion.com

6 February 2011

I am so happy to make this announcement. Every person who will take part in Java EE and Spring training will get 1 year free access to all trainings on JavaPassion.com (regular price for is 89$).

Wicket, Clojure, Spring Data, CDI and magic with WebSockets

2 February 2011

Due to still coming speakers we have opened new 4th track on Day 2. It allows us to accommodate such a great speakers as Dan Allen, "the guy" behind Seam and Martijn Dashorst - the most known person involved in Wicket. In addition to that we will be able to listen to Costin Leau talk about Spring Data and NoSQL, and Brad Drysdale from Kaazing will show you what magic things you can do with WebSockets. If it is not enough, you will be probably first in Europe to see what is the future of Eclipse presented by Szymon Brandys. You will be surprised. And the last, but not least. We have Clojure talk by Venkat Subramaniam, very known author of Programming Scala and Programming Clojure books.

O'Reilly bookstore with 40% discount

20 January 2011

During the 33rd Degree conference we will be hosting O'Reilly bookstore where you will have opportunity to buy O'Reilly books with 40% discount. You can preorder books by adding it to this page.

You can choose from any book that has UK Shopping cart on www.oreilly.com. Including O’Reilly, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Rocky Nook and Microsoft Press.

Ted Neward has joined 33rd Degree

19 January 2011

I believe there is no single Java developer who doesn't know Ted Neward. He has joined 33rd Degree and will give a talk or two during the conference. We are working on topics.

Additional trainings

1 January 2011

If 3 days long conference packed with top quality talks is not enough for you, we would love to give you another opportunity to learn more about Java. We will be hosting at least following 2 trainings (we are working on more):

1. Git (1 day, 11th April 2011) for about 300 PLN + VAT. It will be lead by Matthew MCullough who usually charges around 595$ for online training. In Poland it will be face to face at around 20% of the original price! For expected agenda you can go here. Training cancelled. There is Git workshop available on Day 1.

2. EJB 3.0, JPA, Spring, Hibernate, Java EE 6 (3 days, )for about 800 PLN + VAT. It will be lead by Sang Shin with usual price for 5 days at 2599$. Again you pay around 20%of original price. For expected agenda you can go here.

JRebel bonus

20 December 2010

ZeroTurnaround, creators of JRebel, likes giving developers a great tool for free. That's why we are happy to sponsor JRebel LiquidMetal licenses (valid for 4 months) to all attendees of 33rd Degree conference in Krakow on April 6-8th, 2011.

JRebel is an award-winning Java productivity tool that enables you to see all changes to your code instantly, without have to redeploy.

JRebel LiquidMetal is a full license with Enterprise Add-on, which is a $289 yearly value, and will prevent an average of 80 hours of redeploys during this four-month period (according to our recent survey).

More details about getting your free JRebel LiquidMetal license are coming soon, but while you wait for that info, visit here:

- Find out more about JRebel

- See a JRebel Screencast

- See what people are saying about JRebel on Twitter

- Compare your development environment with 1000+ developers all over the world - see the results that over 40,000 people found helpful last year!